The academic venture of a group of like-minded scholars started this non-profit organization, in the form of an Academic Society, named as Society for Science and Nature Bhopal, India in 2008, to disseminate the fundamentals of science to those who are interested, but find it difficult to carry life using the principles of Science. The motto of  the registered Society for Science and Nature, Bhopal India (SSN) is ‘Science for Life,’ which aptly describes the importance of today’s science in our life.

The main objectives of Society for Science and Nature, are to organize simple activities of science and nature, to make these aspects of life practically interesting for the layman. Members of SSN since last 15 years have been giving lectures, talks, and arranging camps with students, research scholars and  to a diverse audience from remote areas, training the village folk   in various disciples of day to day aspects of science. We have largely focused on important areas like environment, biodiversity and its conservation, with applications of agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, aquaculture, wild-life biodiversity and its conservation, reuse of water, treatment of domestic sewage and its reclamation and many other interesting areas,. The expert members provide the rural area students and farmers vital information in these areas  through small pep talks and  live practical demonstration in their own easy comprehensible styles.

Several demonstration camps have been arranged for villages and other remote areas in and around Bhopal Panchayat areas for awareness of local medicinal plants, their characters, properties, identification and medicinal use and importance. Conservation of plants which are becoming extinct, has been  the special focus of the team of scientists, with their interactions like  the on-field demonstrations, hands on trainings, lectures in various areas of Bhopal, particularly,  around  the vast natural resource hot spots of biodiversity of the region. Regular visits to these areas of Bhopal   have made it possible to work with the farmer-friends to train them in fascinating areas of nature.

Society for Science and Nature, Bhopal India, since 2008 has also been regularly publishing Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications  an open-access international platform for publication of original research articles in applied areas of  natural  sciences. The journal in a short span of time,  has become a favorite among biologists and biomedical experts in the Asia-Pacific region and wider international scientific community, because of its standard and timely schedule of publication. It has been able to help scholars to present their cherished fruits of research grown on toiled and tilled trees of hard work in life sciences.

Popularization of science through active academic communication with the young generation is one of the ways to keep science alive,  educationalists have a leading role to play in shaping science for humanity! We have great responsibilities, as have to advocate our students to accomplish and show them the path to test their mettle in hard times to excel. Science and its advocates will rise to the occasion and will soon provide succor to the already grief stricken humanity. We have to fuel our science students with a never say die attitude to let humanity survive!

Serving Humanity through Technology

The Society for Science & Nature,

Bhopal 462001 MP India