Society for Science and Nature is a non-profit academic organization, formed by academicians from all walks of life, Literature, arts, science, and nature. The main objective of the society is to work for the upliftment of the society and the community in large, imparting free services for quality education to the needy of the state and nation.

The society is registered with the Registrar, Firms and Societies Government of MP Bhopal India and aims to carry out academic and educational programs in the state and the country for providing quality education, expertise and training to students scholars and academicians using state of the art technologies with experienced academicians, professors, teachers engineers doctors, lawyers and social scientists belonging to various disciplines of science, arts, commerce, nature, and management.

Society for Science and Nature has been publishing only one single academic International peer-reviewed journal since 2008: Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications and one educational institute:  The Athar Institute of Health and Management Studies to maintain high quality and standards without any compromise. It has been attempting to integrate systems of values, ethics, and principles in the students, the future of country’s tomorrow.

In doing so,  the SSN, BBRC, and AIHMS have grown to become an important force for pluralism—teaching and disseminating the skills of science for life, critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving at the same time also inculcating moral reasoning, ethics and respect for others in the budding citizens of India and abroad. Future generations will see these organizations step beyond professional education towards becoming a comprehensive temple of learning and a true global influencer.